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Dr. Shui Yin Lo, Ph.D.
Chairman of the Board D & Y Laboratories

Dr-Shui-Yin-LoDr. Lo received his Bachelor of Science in Physics from the University of Illinois in 1962 with highest honors and his PhD in Physics from the University of Chicago in 1966 under the theory group lead by (2008) Physics Nobel recipient Yoichiro Nambu. (Dr. Nambu is considered as one of the leading figures in the development of modern particle physics.)

Dr. Lo’s academic career spans the globe as a visiting faculty member and lecturer at leading institutions throughout the world including: California Institute of Technology; Academy of Science, Beijing, China; Stanford Accelerated Center, California; Institute of Theoretical Physics, and State University of New York, Stony Brook, New York.

Dr. Lo was Senior Lecturer (1977-1986), Tenured Lecturer (1975-1977), and Fixed Term Lecturer(1972-1975), at the University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Dr. Lo has published over 75 scientific papers in internationally recognized physics journals during his 40-year distinguished career as well as authored over 60 US and world patents in the field of atomic and subatomic particles. In conjunction with Caltech Pasadena and UCLA, Dr. Lo was the Senior Scientist that led a team of world renown colleagues, including the holder of the John Dawson Award for Excellence in Plasma Physics Research, UCLA Professor Alfred Wong, and world-renowned Field Medalist in Mathematics, Professor S.T. Yau, of Harvard University, in the proof of concept of a revolutionary high-energy beam with multiple communications and energy applications.

This beam, the “Baser”, of which Dr. Lo is the inventor and patent holder, produces a high-energy beam of enlarged particle clusters thousands of times more powerful than the world’s most powerful laser. The US Department of Energy, Office of Technology Development, as well as Los Alamos National Laboratory collaborated with this research. In 2005 the Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to Roy Glauber at Harvard for the theoretical calculations of optical coherence which was the basis for Dr. Lo’s invention of the Baser.

David Gann
CEO, Co-founder, Director, and Product Development Director D & Y Laboratories

david-l-gannMr. Gann’s scientific career spans over 30 years. He co-founded Aequiterus LLC with Dr. Lo and is a co-inventor and patent holder with Dr. Lo on the company’s recent patent filings. Mr. Gann is responsible for designing and constructing the Company’s state-of-the-art laboratory.

The laboratory features a Class 100 clean room and an Atomic Force Microscope (the most advanced microscope existing today), a highly advanced water filtration system and a production line. Mr. Gann’s scientific, engineering, and management experience covers three decades as an integral member of numerous scientific teams.

He has been successful in developing cutting-edge technologies: such as the first ultra-high-density magnetic recording medium for Zwan Magnetics (early 1980’s), which included research into the manufacture of rare-earth magnets. During the late 1990’s, in conjunction with UCLA, Mr. Gann’s began his research into the detection and labeling of nano-sized particles found in homeopathic solutions.

His successes lead to isolating a 2-micron-sized ice particle (formed under specific electrical fields) that was stable at room temperatures and had potential biological and industrial applications. A similar particle, also isolated, became the center of a line of research by the Department of Immunology at UCLA as a stimulant of T-cells (human immune system), with more than 57 blind studies all demonstrating dramatic significant china-conferenceimprovements in immune response. Mr. Gann has organized educational symposiums on crucial environmental issues, including global climate change and nuclear waste cleanup in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Energy and Los Alamos National Laboratories. Mr. Gann holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Science UCM with postgraduate work in Physics.

Xu Geng

Professor Xu Geng has worked with Dr. Lo and Mr. Gann for the past year in the development of mass production techniques and the development of atomic structure analysis for the company’s technology.

Professor Xu Geng is the former chairman of the Physics Department of Zhongshan (Sun Yet-Sen) University, People’s Republic of China. He is one of the world’s leading authorities on the development of atomic analysis methods for complex surface structures. Professor Xu is a co-patent holder on one of the company’s filed patent claims.

C. Norman Shealy
M.D., Ph.D.

dr-norman-shealyOne of the world’s leading experts in pain management, Dr. Shealy is a pioneer in developing safe and effective treatments for pain, such as the Tens unit. He founded Biogenics in 1971, the first comprehensive pain and stress management facility in the country. The Shealy Institute is respected worldwide for it’s innovative and successful rehabilitation approaches. Over the years, Dr. Shealy's intensive pain and stress management research has resulted in numerous pioneering treatments.  His published works total over 275.  His seminars and workshops are given worldwide, and attended by physicians and lay persons alike.  He has acted as consultant to leaders in every specialty, including the personal physicians of President's Kennedy and Eisenhower. Visit Dr. Shealys website here




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